It strikes me that everyone should be pondering this statement now. It will never be me. Certainly we’ve all thought it now or in the past. Maybe it’s denial or optimism. Maybe it’s pride.

Often, we’re only humbled when a calamity affects us, but sometimes a near miss is enough to bring us to the realization that “…There but for fortune, may go you, or I” (Phil Ochs). With this awareness can follow empathy and compassion for those around us.

As the effects of Covid-19 continue to develop, we may feel uncertainty and fear develop in our minds. For instance, worry for ourselves, for friends, and for the country. All of us have a chance of entering difficult times ahead as we continue to adapt to living in the pandemic and as we deal with the long-term consequences.

At a certain point, for your debt to be solved it may become necessary to consider a Consumer Proposal. Individuals can use this honourable process to deal with their debt when they have a stable income, but simply not enough to pay down their debt load and make progress toward a stable and happy future.

With my hope that Covid related job loss or disability does not directly affect you, please remember to be kind to those around you and reserve judgement. Indeed, everybody is recovering from something.

Steve. Your debt solved.