Many people find themselves in financial trouble at some time or another due to job loss, marital separation, health issues or simply bad debt management. The key is recognizing when you are in trouble and taking the time to look for help.

The solution to tackling your debt problem is to meet face to face, with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. The thought of this can be a bit intimidating. However knowing what you are getting into and knowing your options will lessen your anxiety level and make you feel more comfortable about your options.

What can you expect from your first meeting at Borsellino Consulting? You can expect a friendly face and a calm listener in a relaxed setting. You can expect to meet a fully Licensed Insolvency Trustee, and you can expect us to take the time to understand your situation and explain your options.

The first meeting is free. Bring a list of all of your debts, monthly expenses and assets. First, your Trustee will explain the process and possible options: 1. Re-working your budget; 2. Consolidating your debt; 3. Selling assets; 4. Preparing Consumer Proposal; 5. Filing for Bankruptcy. Throughout the meeting, your Trustee will answer all of your questions and help you overcome your fear and frustration by offering to set up an acceptable plan to get you out of debt.

We are confident that Borsellino Consulting has what it takes to help you get your financial house back in order. This first meeting is the most important in the whole process. It is the first step to financial freedom to help you eliminate your debt. This is not a role for an administrator, manager or trainee. You will be meeting with a Borsellino Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Someone fully trained and licensed to help people in financial trouble who are not sure where to turn.

We will discuss your options then take enough time to prepare our recommended plan based on your unique case to suit your specific personal situation. Our suggested course of action will be clear and concise with a timetable and budget, ready for you to make an informed decision.