When I reflect on the quality of life that I gain from having my own practice, my comfortable head office in the walkable James Street South neighbourhood always comes to mind. Whenever I read about personal wellness, a frequent topic is feeling moments of gratitude.

I was filled with gratefulness today as I rode my 30-minute commute through a tree lined trail down the escarpment on a sunny spring morning. How lucky am I to start my day by riding along the edge of the Hamilton mountain with a view of the harbour and the occasional turkey vulture catching an updraft beside me? Then the main part of my journey takes me along the popular radial trail (thanks Terry Cooke), an easy downhill leg that lasts for about fifteen greetings exchanged with hikers as I pass by cliffs, trees, waterfalls, golf courses, and yes, one big parking lot. Part three of my commute rolls through the tree lined side streets and bike lanes of the lower city until I arrive at my back door.

I start my day appreciating the feeling of arriving at my office with time spent in nature, some purposeful exercise, and zero pollution. On a beautiful day like today I can look forward to a workout on my uphill trip home.

Steve Borsellino, LIT – Your Debt Solved