Steve Borsellino started his own Insolvency Consulting practice so that he could truly offer people better treatment. Tired of the big firm ‘cookie cutter’ model of shuffling clients off to junior staff administrators or managers with canned, one-size fits all solutions and short, time monitored appointments, Steve and his team are focused on truly helping people in financial trouble.

Borsellino clients say it best, “they are a compassionate, empathetic and non-judgemental group of people who go above and beyond…”

Every client meets with Steve Borsellino personally. Clients are not delegated to ‘administrators’ or ‘specialists’. Following the initial consultation, Steve works with clients to help them get out of debt by creating a tailor made “financial freedom” plan for each individual.

Ample time is set aside for the initial consultation so clients do not have to feel rushed. Clients are sometimes concerned and uncomfortable so they need someone to just sit and listen. They need to feel re-assured that the person they are meeting with is fully qualified and there to help solve their financial problems, not simply select one of a few pre-determined resolutions and send them on their way.

Every person and every situation is different. That is why Borsellino Consulting tailors a plan to address each person’s unique state of affairs. There is no ‘slick routine’ designed to make it efficient for back room staff or administrators.

At Borsellino Consulting they care about the success of their clients. Borsellino Consulting Inc. delivers a premium level of service as a professional Licensed Insolvency Trustee with an enivable success rate helping people achieve freedom from debt.