Fresh in the mail today – I received letters from the 407 ETR regarding several of my insolvency estates.

Licence Denials Will Stop

The 407 ETR has finally changed their policies to agree with the vast majority of Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LIT’s). They have stopped their practice of denying licence plate renewals after an individual files a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy. This change comes after years of lobbying and court challenges against the practice.

This is welcome relief for people who need to file a Consumer Proposal or Bankruptcy, and also need the use of their vehicle. It reaffirms the fresh start principle which is at the core of the federal laws that allow individuals financial relief when they become over-burdened by debt.

Of course the 407’s updated policy will not exempt people from paying tolls incurred after their filing date. If post-filing tolls are incurred then they will need to be paid, and if they are not paid the 407 will use its denial rights to stop licence renewals. This practice is fair and I am sure that my fellow LIT’s will be in agreement.

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